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December 2019

Biocia innovation is approved for commercialization by Regulatory Authorities

December 20, 2019

Biocia Inc.

Port Murray, New Jersey, USABiocia Inc. (Biocia) (www.BIOCIA.com), a privately-owned biotechnology company based in Port Murray, New Jersey announced their most important and latest innovation (BIOCIA-MGDPM) has been approved by Health Canada for exclusive commercialization by a Canadian-based distribution partner of Biocia. Plans are being energetically implemented to commercialize BIOCIA-MGDPM during early 2020.

BIOCIA-MGDPM is the culmination of more than 7 years of intense research and development by Team Biocia working in concert with international partners based in USA, Canada, Asia and Europe.

BIOCIA-MGDPM is a unique, state-of-the-art formulation for the treatment of dry eye conditions, including meibomian gland disease (MGD), which occur in patients with natural tears that lack a proper quantity and balance of lipid that is needed to provide extended protection and reduction of tear evaporation on corneal and conjunctival surfaces.

BIOCIA-MGDPM contains a blend of unique osmoprotectants, bioprotectants and water-binding molecules which imbibe and retain water while providing elasticity and viscosity for prolonged residence time and patient comfort.

BIOCIA-MGDPM also contains a short-chain phospholipid component that is water soluble and one that exhibits a very high water-retaining capability. In addition to its lipophilic and hydrophilic properties which support and maintain the vital lipid layer in the tear film, it helps provide tear film stabilization for prolonged comfort and protection without the use of oils commonly used in many traditional competitive MGD products currently on the market.

Wes Domareki, MBA, President, Biocia Inc. and Biocia Consulting Group commented: “Actually, BIOCIA-MGDPM is two products in one as a superior eye drop for daytime use but also a welcomed eye drop for night time use because it does not contain common mineral oils or other petrolatum-based ingredients.”    

Ilan Hofmann, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Biocia Inc. and Biocia Consulting Group commented: “The BIOCIA-MGDPM innovation will provide the medical community with an advancement that offers unique features and benefits including hydrophilicity for superior water retention without use of long chain aliphatic oils commonly used to retard natural evaporation, excellent rheological properties for enhanced residence time and comfort, clear and transparent without typical milky appearance observed in many competitive alternative products, minimal temporary blurring of vision, no refrigeration required, and offered  in a preservative-free delivery system.”

Douglas Domareki, BS, Business Operations Manager, Biocia Inc. commented: ““The success of the BIOCIA-MGDPM innovation is also very much owed to our cooperation with key international partners.  Those collaborations have been a core component of the Biocia international  footprint in ophthalmic research and development.”    


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