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About US

Biocia Inc.

Biocia Inc. is a biotechnology company with worldwide partners, affiliates and agents dedicated to the research, development, manufacture, testing, test-marketing and licensing of novel healthcare Products with a primary focus in ophthalmology and rhinology.

In ophthalmology, the most important Biocia innovations currently developed and licensed to Biocia distribution partners include a full line of viscoadaptive lubricant eye drops. Some of the brands owned and marketed by Biocia licensing partners include: I-Drop®, I-Drop® PM, I-Drop® Vet, I-Drop® Vet PLUS, I-Drop® Vet Gel, I-Drop® PUR, I-Drop® PUR Gel, I-Drop® MGD, Oasis Tears®, Oasis Tears® PLUS, Oasis Tears® PF, and Oasis Tears® Multiple-use Bottle.

Biocia eye drop innovations are based on viscoadaptive technology which combines molecules with differing rheological properties to achieve unique product features and clinical benefits for specific therapeutic and surgical indications which can be formulated either with or without active drug ingredients.

Biocia Consulting Group

The Biocia Consulting Group is a Team within Biocia which consists of senior management, consultants and specialists who are experts in various areas of healthcare relating to the development and commercialization of drugs and medical devices.

Collectively, the Biocia Consulting Group spans a wide range of services including all Phases of product development, regulatory, clinical, primary research, strategic marketing, brand marketing, sales metrics, product modeling, product planning, commercial franchise growth, medical education and licensing.

Our Philosophy

Simply stated, our philosophy is to keep Biocia customers and their related needs in focus as the highest priority with our unique Products and tailored consulting services designed to fit regional geographic markets throughout the world.

We achieve this target by working very closely with domestic and international partners and the medical community so that each step of each project process is carefully executed based on primary research, product planning, forecasting, product modelling, targeted commercialization tactics and ongoing post-marketing surveillance.