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Biocia Inc. & I-MED Pharma Inc. align with Sam Poong Fine Chem. Co., Ltd. in Korea

July 31, 2015

Biocia Inc. (Biocia), a New Jersey-based biotechnology company announced a long term distribution alliance with Sam Poong Fine Chem. Co., Ltd. (Sam Poong), a Seoul-based company in Korea through their exclusive international distribution agent, I-MED Pharma Inc. (I-MED), based in Montreal, Canada.  The alliance will enable Sam Poong to introduce and commercialize Biocia’s viscoadaptive eye drop innovations in Korea for treatment of Ocular Surface Disorder (OSD) such as dry eye disease (DED).  Current Biocia Distribution partners sell Biocia’s products in North America, Middle East, South America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Viscoadaptive eye drops are lubricant eye drop solutions which exhibit both cohesive and dispersive behaviours depending on the shear energy exerted on the solution.  At low shear rates, the solution exhibits cohesive properties of enhanced viscosity for lubrication, protection and prevention of evaporation of the tear film.  Conversely, at higher shear rates such as the blinking process of the eyelids, it exhibits dispersive properties for enhanced elasticity allowing for optimal patient comfort and longer residence time requiring fewer applications during the day and/or night).

Biocia’s lubricant eye drops are packaged in either single-use disposable containers or preservative-free multi-use bottles.  This exclusive distribution alliance forged with Sam Poong will focus on both state-of-the-art delivery configurations.

Wes Domareki, MBA, President, Biocia Inc. and Biocia Consulting Group commented:  “The breadth and resources of Sam Poong are intended to optimize the potential of Biocia products in this important market.  It represents the culmination of market research and product development dedicated to meet patient preference in Asia for treatment of ocular surface disorders including mild, moderate and severe dry eye syndromes.” 

 Ilan Hofmann, Ph.D., President of I-MED Pharma Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Biocia Inc. commented:  “Our close relationship with Biocia enables both companies to expand their presence in growing international markets.  Korea is a significant segment of the global OSD market which is projected to be growing >13% per year.”

Yeoung-Woo Choi, President of Sam Poong Fine Chem. Co., Ltd. commented:  “We are pleased to offer the superior technology offered by Biocia’s products to our patients.  During the coming months, the management teams of Sam Poong, Biocia and I-MED will focus on submission of multiple Biocia-innovated eye drop products to KFDA for approval and launch.”

 Jonah Tsang, Director of Richfield Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. commented:  “We feel honored to coordinate the negotiations between Biocia Inc., I-MED Pharma Inc. and Sam Poong Fine Chem. Co.  We are confident the superior features and benefits of Biocia’s products will result in successful penetration of the Korean dry eye market for both therapeutic indications and post-surgical use following Lasik refractive surgery.”

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