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Biocia Inc., a New Jersey-based biotechnology company announced the recent commercialization of their viscoadaptive eye drop innovations in a preservative-free delivery system through key Biocia licensing partners in North America for Ocular Surface Disorder (OSD) such as dry eye disease (DED). Biocia licensing partners include Oasis Medical Inc. in the United States (Oasis Tears® PF) and I-MED Pharma in Canada (I Drop® PUR and I-Drop® PUR Gel).

Viscoadaptive eye drops are lubricant eye drop solutions which exhibit both cohesive and dispersive behaviours depending on the shear energy in the solution. At low shear rates the solution exhibits cohesive behaviour (enhanced viscosity for lubrication, protection and prevention of evaporation of the tear film) and at higher shear rates it may exhibit dispersive behaviour (enhanced elasticity for optimal patient comfort and longer residence time requiring fewer applications during the day and/or night).

Lubricant eye drops are often packaged in multi-use bottles which contain preservatives. This is not the case with this preservative-free multi-use delivery system.

Biocia Inc. and Biocia Consulting Group leadership commented: “I Drop® PUR, I Drop® PUR Gel and Oasis Tears® PF are the culmination of research and product development at Biocia dedicated to trends that reflect patient preference”.

Ilan Hofmann, Ph.D., President of both I-MED and Biocia commented: “this latest innovation is strengthening I-MED’s commercial presence in the Canadian OSD market which is projected to be growing >13% per year with state-of-the-art products that are superior to others commonly marketed in Canada”.

Craig Delgado, MBA, President of Oasis Medical Inc. commented: “We are pleased to have found a convenient delivery system for Oasis Tears® that combines the benefits of preservative-free TEARS with the convenience of an easy-to-to-use multi-use bottle”.

For further information, please contact:

Ilan Hofmann

Denise Starbird, Oasis Medical Inc. at: 909 305 5414 e-mail: dstarbird@oasismedical.com