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The primary objective of the Biocia NasoVisc® formulation is to provide lasting moistening to delicate nasal tissue for the purpose of facilitating efficient mucociliary transport clearance.

Most nasal spray products are comprised of simple saline water or a blend of common demulcents which exhibit limited residence time, marginal water-binding capability and temporary protection / lubrication for patients who suffer from nasal dryness and bleeding.

NasoVisc® is formulated with soluble crosslinked hyaluronan. The end result is a formulation that can easily be expressed through a nasal spray dispenser for coating of vital nasal tissues including the cilia. Once instilled in the nasal cavity, lasting comfort, moistening and protection facilitates the health and normal function of the cilia, especially under adverse conditions during times of challenge due to colds, flu or post-operative recovery following various trans-nasal operative procedures.

NasoVisc® is sterile which makes it suitable for use following surgery. It does not contain harmful preservatives such as BAK because it is formulated to be supplied in a state-of-the-art preservative-free dispenser.