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Many lubricant eye drops (also commonly called “artificial tears”) contain a variety of ingredients which enhance the viscosity of the artificial tear.

However, some  recent  viscoelastic or elastoviscous lubricant eye drops containing hyaluronan also provide enhanced protection (by viscous lubrication), prolonged residence time (by elastic properties), a high degree of comfort (by elastic properties) and excellent moistening (by superior water retention) on vital tissue surfaces.

The latest advancement beyond elastoviscous lubricant eye drops is “viscoadaptive” solutions from Biocia.  Viscoadaptive solutions promote stabilization of the natural tear film (including the important lipid component) by offering far superior comfort, longer duration of symptomatic relief, plus long-lasting moistening due to reduced evaporation.

Lubricant eye drops formulated by Biocia are available in single-use disposable containers or state-of-the-art, preservative-free, multiple-use bottles to eliminate the need for  harmful preservatives.