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Biocia and I-MED Pharma Consummate a Long-Term R&D Agreement With Matrix Biology Institute

Biocia Inc., a New Jersey-based biotechnology company and I-MED Pharma Inc., a Montreal-based biotechnology company have strengthened their foothold in North America and global markets focused on ophthalmic eye drop and intra-nasal spray markets by forming a Joint Research & Development alliance with Matrix Biology Institute (MBI), Edgewater, New Jersey. The basis for the alliance is to research, test and develop innovative, state-of-the-art products for these market segments based on MBI’s patented HylaSponge® technology, as well as other significant proprietary components to be introduced by Biocia during the collaboration

HylaSponge® (HS) was developed as a radiation cross-linked hyaluronan for various therapeutic uses. It was patented, and the patent was assigned to MBI. MBI has developed a special form of HS that has been analyzed by both MBI and Biocia during the past two years for its potential use as a therapeutic agent on the surface of the eye and on the internal surfaces of the nose with promising results. This work will serve as the beginning of a formal alliance that was consummated on February 12, 2013 between MBI, I-MED Pharma and Biocia.

Wes Domareki, Chairman of the Board, Biocia Inc. announced that this alliance will serve as the basis for research, development and testing of extension lines of new products with superior product features and therapeutic benefits to complement existing Biocia and I-MED viscoadaptive and elastoviscous products which include Oasis Tears®, Oasis Tears®Plus, Oasis Tears®Multidose under license from Biocia to Oasis Medical Inc.; plus I-Drop®, I-Drop®PM, I-Drop®Plus, I-Drop®VET, I-Drop® VET Plus under license from Biocia to I-MED Pharma Inc.; plus NasoVisc® and NasoVisc®Gel owned by Biocia.

Dr. Ilan Hofmann, President of Biocia Inc. and I-MED Pharma Inc. stated “this alliance with MBI is the culmination of extensive work with Drs. Balazs and Denlinger, as well as our team of international consultants, industry experts and practicing clinicians within the international medical community. We are honored, excited and optimistic about moving ahead based on this important research and development alliance with Matrix Biology Institute.”

Dr. Janet Denlinger, President, Matrix Biology Institute commented, “Dr. Balazs and I have worked with Mr. Domareki and Dr. Hofmann on many important innovations spanning a period of more than 30 years, including the introduction of Healon®, sodium hyaluronate for ophthalmic surgery; Synvisc® viscosupplement for intra-articular injection in the treatment of osteoarthritis; Hylasine® viscosupplement for use during and after trans-nasal sinus surgery; and Hylashield®, an elastoviscous ophthalmic solution for the treatment of ocular surface disorders”.

Biocia Inc. is a privately owned New Jersey corporation. For more information, please contact Wes Domareki, MBA at 908 852 2311 or visit the web site at: www.biocia.com or email: WesBIOCIA@aol.com.

I-MED Pharma Inc. is a privately owned Quebec corporation based in Montreal, Canada. For more information, please contact: Ilan Hofmann, Ph.D. at (514) 685-8118 or visit the web site at: www.imedpharma.com or email: info@imedpharma.com.

Matrix Biology Institute Matrix (MBI), a non-profit, charitable medical research institute, was founded in 1982 by Endre A. Balazs, M.D. and Janet L. Denlinger, Ph.D. At that time both were members of the faculty of the Eye Research Department at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York. The objective of MBI is to provide intellectual support for research on the structure, function and therapeutic use of the molecular building blocks of the intercellular matrix.

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