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The globalization strategy of Biocia is focused on working closely with partnering companies which are active in therapeutic market segments dedicated to ophthalmology and rhinology.

The objective of optimizing Biocia Products and Services according to the domestic and/or international needs and laws of specific markets is implemented on a country-by-country basis.

Biocia is a North American-based Company with offices located in New Jersey, USA. Within the Biocia organization, there are two separate business units including Biocia Inc. and the Biocia Consulting Group, as a Division of Biocia Inc. Both Biocia business units have a synergistic effect upon each other relating to the advancement of Biocia businesses and the support of our licensing partners, agents and stakeholders. The group is focused on product formulation, development, research, clinical testing, registration, commercialization and licensing of Biocia technology and the proprietary technology of our affiliated partners for specific global markets.

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